Denizli and DENSER offers a wide range of opportunities for international
investors including tax, investment, trade and employment advantages.

DENSER is extremely attractive both to the domestic and international investors for the following reasons:

Denizli has a well-qualified, educated and inexpensive labor force.

Acquisition of materials necessary for industrial production is easy and inexpensive in Denizli.

Concerning the practical administration of the Zone, attractive infrastructure investments will be available in the areas of telecommunications, energy, and transportation, etc.

The purchase and rental price of offices, storehouses, land and buildings will be kept competitive level to enable companies to maintain a competitive advantage.

The Zone created by this project will provide key features that successful free trade zone operations implement. These include incentives and conveniences in the areas of customs, foreign trade, tax, currency exchange and administrative processing:

100 % Corporate Tax Exemption: :

The firms operating in DENSER are fully exempted from corporate income tax for the earnings derived in DENSER.

100 % Income Tax Exemption: :

The profits and incomes that individuals and corporate entities gain through their activities in DENSER are not subject to income tax.

Exemption from Payment of Withholding Taxes: :

Since no income tax is paid for the personnel, cheaper wages from 15-40 % can be achieved.

VAT Exemption: :

The goods and services imported to DENSER from abroad are also fully exempted from Turkish Value Added Tax.

Free Profit Transfer: :

The profits and incomes obtained at DENSER can be transferred to any desired country including Turkey, freely, within the exchange regulations without being taxed.

Customs Tax Exemption: :

Since the Free Zones are considered to be outside the customs line, goods entering DENSER from all around the world is exempted from customs tax.

The RUSF Exemption: :

The 6% Resource Utilization Support Fund that is applicable on the imports with acceptance credit is not paid in

Strike-Lockout Prevention: : There can be no strike or lockout at DENSER for ten years.
Minimum Bureaucracy: : Bureaucracy at DENSER has been reduced to minimum.

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