Denizli has excellent geographical location and transportation facilities. The province is situated on the main tour route of İzmir-Antalya, İzmir–Capadocia. Denizli is easily accessible for local and foreign investors in its strategic location and rich human resources

Denizli is an inland province of the Aegean region, one of the most developed regions in the country. Since Denizli is to be placed at a point where the intersection of the ways that reach Mediterranean and Aegean seas from the East and North of Anatolia, it has always been in an intense interaction.

Denizli, which was a small town of 12.000 people in the 1920' s when the Turkish Republic was founded. Today, it is the second industry and tourism center in Aegean Region after Izmir, with its population of 800.000. Today Denizli, that is located on fruitful fields and has an historical past, is the 23th of Turkey provinces for population, 13th for economical activities and 9th for development of industry.

Along with the rapid production increase took place in 1980's, exportation made from Denizli has grown bigger year by year and reached approximately 1 billion US dollars today. Still now, at modern plants, alongside the mainly producted towel, bathrobe and bed sheet, a huge production is being made in textile area and exportation is provided to over 100 countries.

The export values of towel and bathrobe, greatest
portions of textile and clothing export products of Denizli, has reached the 50% of total
amount of exports that Turkey summed up on these products. Along with EU countries like
Germany, United Kingdom and France exportation is being done to the countries like USA and
Canada too. Especially the bathrobe export made to the USA in the scope of CAT.350 is the
one to pay attention. The 40% of import made by USA in the scope of CAT.350 from all over
the world is provided by Turkey and the 70% of this portion is provided by Denizli.

International tourism has been developing fast in recent years and the city is visited by more than one million tourists every year. Its location along the popular tourist routes of Izmir, Antalya and Cappadocia increases Denizli's potential to attract a larger number of tourists. This potential encourages service investments in the town.

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